Bellingham,WA | Tenant Improvements


TROVE is defined as “a store of valuable or delightful things”. It’s a place that refuses to be just like all other shops.  Using honest materials in new ways and at different scales help affirm this idea. Elegance, discovery, and jewel-like quality were driving forces when looking for design language throughout.  Walnut, white quartz, and brass contrast the wall to wall glazing along Samish Way. Knowing that many patrons would be studying and/or working from this new location near the university, we considered their experience and aimed to create opportunities for delight.  Tethered swings can be found near the pick-up counter as a way to pass time.  A walnut, keyhole-shaped community table gathers customers together to meet, study, or just enjoy the perfectly poured beverages.  Brass accents are laced throughout the space to encourage discovery and curiosity.  Much needed power sockets are provided to all seats via inlays into the banquette, bar tops, and community table.  

Interior Design: Falconworks/Spiral Studios

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