Primer Coffee

Bellingham,WA | Tenant Improvements


The owners wanted a shop to showcase some of the world’s most sought-after coffee…Organic Guatemalan.  The coffee served at PRIMER originates in the Huehuetenango region, at peak elevation for shade growth and graded as the top 1% in the world.  The space aimed to put that product front and center using bright, clean, and subtle materials.  Using almost entirely white quartz, birch and copper kept the message simple and concise.  The result is a compact space that feels part coffee bar, part museum. Special consideration was spent on layering the light behind the bar and adding new natural light sources.  Copper was used minimally and took its queues from the branding language of soft, linear, and organized. Copper tubing holds up the annealed glass shelves behind the bar and three copper scallops on the bar mimic the logo mark to greet patrons as they enter the shop.

Interior Design: Falconworks with Jenn Matilla

Photography: Benjamon Robyn, Brittany Coy

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